12. October 2019 — 6:00 AM (EDT | America/New York)

Free Webinar:
„Having a Great Career – Despite Living With A Handicap“

I was born with a genetic defect (thalassemia). Everyone said to me "Nicola, you can forget about making a career". I did not listen to it because I wanted a career in the IT industry – and I made it! You can also have a great career - despite living with a handicap! Say "NO" to everything and everyone who wants to limit you and "YES" to your professional self-realization.

In this webinar, you will learn what is important in order to achieve YOUR career goals and how to master challenges, crises and strokes of fate - on the way to YOUR self-determined life.


This Webinar will be offered only in German.

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Your Speaker

Nicola De Nittis
Author, Speaker & Mentor
  • how you can succeed professionally despite living with a handicap.
  • how you defend yourself against exclusion and discrimination.
  • How to find the profession that fits best to you – with the consideration of your handicap.
  • Tips and tricks to succeed in your job.

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