12. October 2019 — 6:00 AM (EDT | America/New York)

Having a Great Career – Despite Living With A Handicap

I was born with a genetic defect (thalassemia). Everyone said to me "Nicola, you can forget about making a career". I did not listen to it because I wanted a career in the IT industry – and I made it! You can also have a great career - despite living with a handicap! Say "NO" to everything and everyone who wants to limit you and "YES" to your professional self-realization.

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Each of our instructors is itself affected by a rare disease and bring with their professional qualifications and experience, an authentic perspective on what you really need to achieve the highest quality of life possible

Nicola De Nittis
Author, Speaker & Mentor
Josephine Bila
Wellness Consultant
Dr. Mohamed El Missiry
MD, MSc Hematology, PhD
Stella Pelteki
Lecturer in foreign languages

Yolande Adjibi
Freelance consultant for pharma & patient's advocate
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